Multidisciplinar Artist

Sculptor, ceramist, painter and engraver

  • Esculturas Pilar Cerdà
  • Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Vinyes verdes vora el mar...'
  • Instalación Pilar Cerdà '28 Llavors d'amor'
  • Pilar Cerdà con esculturas 'Todo es música'
  • Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Instant creixent'
  • Pilar Cerdà puliendo escultura 'Connexió II'
  • Artista Pilar Cerdà 'Botart'
  • Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Instant creixent'

Artist’s Work

Public Work

Sculpture located in Palma de Mallorca
by the City Hall since February 2009.


 “Love has always been the engine 
that made me keep on researching to communicate.”

Pilar Cerdà

Firma Pilar Cerdà

“The true journey is always a “doubt” and then something happens, perhaps, what you don’t expect.” J.Berger