Sculpture is one of the arts that has captivated the artist. And it is one of her favorite formats.
“They are a testimony of my personal experience. They are the magic formulae which let me keep on going”.

‘Todo es música’

‘Dimensió humana. Maniobres d’equilibri’

‘Àfrica. Brillants i Ombres’

‘Tornada a l’Origen’
Iron and steel.

Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Tornada a l'origen'

Since February  2009, the sculpture  ‘Tornada a l’origen’ 4 x 0.73 x 0.20m. is placed as Public Work in the Parc de ‘Sa Riera’ Palma. Majorca.

Placed by the Palma City Council in collaboration with the Balearic Islands Culture Ministry.

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‘Fars de l’amor’

‘Mitología Griega’

‘El arte y la bicicleta’

‘La música més íntima’

Iron, refractory, porcelain and steel.

Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'La Música més íntima'

One of Shan-hui’s disciples wrote: “I no longer have empty dreams”. “I abandon myself to the plum tree blossom, be it big or small, it opens as it is”.

When I ride a bicycle, I abandon myself to what the world has to offer. It makes me conscious of every step and every instant.

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Botart ‘In vino veritas’

‘Vinyes verdes vora el mar…’ BotArt
Steel and oil on wood..

Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Vinyes verdes vora el mar...'

Bodegues Ribas present the second edition of the “BotArt” project, which consists of an artistic combination of wine barrels transformed  by resident artists in Majorca.
The objective of this innovative and original project is to allow a series of local, national and international artists, somehow related to Majorca,  to freely intervene on oak wine barrels, thus promoting and uniting The wine world with artistic creation.
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Steel, porcelain, refractory, coper, wood and mirror.

Escultura Pilar Cerdà 'Metamorfosi'

Pilar Cerdà: Finalist in the Internacional contest. Organised by the F.A.D. (Development of Arts and Design Barcelona) “Metamorfosis del libro 3.0” with a sculpture book-poem made of steel, refractory, porcelain, coper, wood and mirror.

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 “Metamorfosis del libro 3.0” Exhibition
F.A.D. Barcelona