Public Work

Pilar Cerdà has two public sculptures in Mallorca.

‘Tornada a l’origen’ is placed in Parc de Sa Riera in Palma by the City Council since February 2009.

‘La música més íntima’  is placed in the Museum of Pollença in the Joan March Gardens by the city Council and the Museum of Pollença since April 2019.

Obra Publica 09-19

‘La Música més íntima’

Public sculpture of Pilar Cerdà located in the Museum of Pollença in the Joan March gardens  in Pollença by Pollença’s City Council and the Museum of Pollença since April 24th 2019.

La Música més íntima.

The most intimate music
Iron and steel.
1.5m. x 0’87m. x 0’87m.

The most intimate music is about what is essential in life above everything else, what nourishes us, without which we would die.
The essentials for me are communication, relation with the light, the air, the water, the sun, the earth. ‘The most intimate music’ is what nourishes me. I carefully look for it, while I wander my internal and external paths to be conscious of each and every moment I live.
The bicycle helps me take this journeys around the world.
It is the seed I carry inside.

‘Tornada a l’origen’

Sculpture placed in the Parc de Sa Riera in Palma, Majorca
by the Palma City Council since February 2009.

Tornada a l’Origen.

Back to origins
Iron and steel.
4/3 x 0’73 x 0’20m.

This 4 metre sculpture: Is a horn, with a spiral shape, and it has the special feature of having a finite surface but an infinite volume.

The horn symbolizes the masculine sex. It is a phallic symbol associated with men, but when it is represented in the form of a spiral, it is a feminine symbol and it is also associated with water (possibly because of its seashell shape.) Thus, the horn joins masculinity and femininity.

If we think about the unicorns horn, sometimes represented I the form of a spiral, it is the recipient of its magic, its thoughts and experiences. The same happens with its weird sense, or “sixth sense” as we’d call it, or a powerful intuition which leads the to shine in front of danger. There are animals with smoother horns and others with coarse marked spirals. The corse and wrinkled spirals belong to an old animal, which has gathered a great deal of knowledge, life and sensations. If the horn is smooth, almost intact, it means it is a newborn unicorn. Actually, in this aspect, they are not so different from us, humans, who, with the passing of time show wrinkles in our skin.

The horn is also attributed magical powers. There are legends about cutting the horn of a living animal and having and unstopping sprout of food and wealth. This is the origin of the expression “horn of plenty”.

There was a time when people desperately looked for horns to guarantee a long and wealthy life. The horn was probably capable of providing happiness.

May this happiness be extensible to all the human beings of the earth. Lets not lose all of those profound and essential values that every HUMAN BEING has, which have been absorbed by a society where the only thing that matters is HAVING, FORGETTING ABOUT BEING.

We must not forget the Shofar: musical instrument developed by the old hebrews, consisting of an antelope’s or a mutton’s horn, which was used to make acoustic signals in various ceremonies and religious rituals. It is supposed to have a symbolic meaning of redemption and it appears with magical powers.