Academic background & bio

Placement of a public sculpture “La música més íntima” Joan March Gardens. Museum of Pollensa. Council of Pollensa . Majorca.

Experimenting with new forms of artistic expression.

Masterclass Javier Vallhonrat “Exploring the process”. ‘Es Baluard’ Palma. Majorca.

Research and Experimentation connecting my Travels and my Art.

Placement of a public sculpture “Tornada a l’origen” in Sa Riera Parc. Council of Palma. Majorca.

Artist included in the Fons d’Art Contemporàni del Consell de Mallorca/ Contemporary Art Collection of the Majorcan Council.

Art and New Technologies:
-Web page Design S.O.I.B. Son Malferit. Palma. Majorca. Balearic Islands
-Photoshop I.F.E.S. Palma. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Instruction and research with professional sculptors, potters and engravers:
Canyelles. Paulí. John Dunn. Concha Cilvetti. David Leach. Nino Caruso. Emidio Galassi. Arcadio Blasco. Manuel Cabrera. Pompeo Pianezzola. Ricardo Rossi. Jorge Fernandez Chiti. Miguel Docampo. Ramón Ferrán. Joan Barberà.

INTERNSHIP-WORKSHOP Engraving course. Miró Foundation, taught by artist and engraver Joan Barberà. Palma. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Research and exhibitions on sculpture, engraving and installations with “Grupo Multimèdies”. “Dones Fem Art” in the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona.

Research on ”Mujer y Mediterránea, prisma d’identitats“(Women and the Mediterranean, Prism of Identities),  artistic translation os the research through sculpture, engraving and installations. Barcelona, Catalonia.

B.A. in Art History, Universitat de les Illes Balears. (U.I.B.).

Artist included in the Gran Enciclopedia de Mallorca/Great Majorcan Encyclopedia. 

Research and collaboration with engraving group AAIP-FAD Barcelona. Catalonia.

– Elaboration of engraving folders “Sèrie Barcelona”. Catalonia.

– Illustration of Poems for different Catalan and Spanish poets.

– Different Exhibitions in Art Galleries and City Council Exhibition Halls, museums and community centres.

– Engraving innovation on the street. Displayed in many catalan cities and in Cuba.

Supported by different institutions: City Councils, Cultural department of the Consell Insular de Mallorca (C.I.M.). Pollença Museum. Cultural Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Research group “Multimèdies”  “Dones Fem Art”. 3rd Exhibition of Women Art. “Mirar el passat des del present : estudiar l’Art de Dones” With the collaboration of the Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona. And a following exhibition of sculpters and engravings inspired on this research. Participation of “Ca la dona”, Pròleg bookshop and  Banana Factory. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Research group in Ramón Ferrán’s Workshop: engraver, sculpturer i medallist. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Research on engraving techniques. Miguel Docampo’s Workshop. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Widens her studies the Art Faculty of the Universitat de les Illes Balears. U.I.B. Majorca, Balearic Islands.

International Research Centre on Sculpture. Lanz Faura Foundation:

– Monographic Course on sculptural tecniques: moulds, wax, lining, smelting, soldering, devastation, finish, patina and assembly.

– “La dona i els mites” (Women and myths). Approach to the femenin archetypes in the Mediterranean. Collaboration of the Cultural Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Catalonia.

Studied in depth “Esperit del Mediterrani” (Mediterranean Spirit) with Pino Parini, Visual perfection and Artistic Education Professor. University of Urbino. Co-founder of the  Operativa Italiana School. Author of“L’immagine”(1970) “Il Lingvaggio visivo” (1980). “ I percosi dello Sguardo ” (1990). Italy.

Art consultant for  “Espais” magazine from the Balearic Islands Pedagogue Association. Universitat de les Illes Balears. U.I.B. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Course on the specialization in different sculptural tecniques. Course taught by Italian sculpturer Emidio Galassi, Faenza Award winner 1983. Ballardini Ar Institute. Faenza. Italy.

Investigation and developement of new techniques for cooking in oxidant and reducing atmospheres (Carbo-thermal reduction, carbonation, partial craching)(Reducció carbo-termal, carbonació, craching parcial, unique and combined variations). Course taught by Manuel Keller. Ingenieria 2000. Fuenlabrada, Madrid.

Speaker in the round table “L’accés a la Cultura i a l’Art” (Access to Culture and Art) in the Casa del Mar. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Research Course  on sculpture, pottery and mural taught by Spanish potter Jorge Fernández Chiti in the Forma School of Art. Barcelona, Catalonia.

Research Course on Pottery in architecture taught by Italian potter Pompeo Pianezzola, part of the Italian Avant-garde and architect Ricardo Rossi. Internacional Centre of Art Imola. Faenza, Italy.

Research Course on Pottery in architecture taught by Spanish potter Arcadio Blasco and architect  Manuel Cabrera in Textura School of Art. Gijon, Asturias, Spain.

Workshop on Pottery in architecture taught by Italian potters Nino Carusso and Emidio Galassi, part of the Italian Avant-garde. Ballardini Art Institute. Faenza. Italy.

Research Course with the potter David Leach at the Sant Jordi Art Workshop. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Research Course with the potter Concha Cilvetti at the School of Arts and Crafts. Palma. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Research Course with the potter John Dunn. Norai Gallery. Pollença, Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Research Course with the potter Paulí, student in the department managed by Llorens Artigues in the Massana School of Art. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Instruction and research in different Schools of Art:

– La Massana School of Art. Barcelona. Catalonia.

– La Bisbal School of Art. Girona. Catalonia.

– San Jorge School of Fine Arts. Barcelona. Catalonia.

– Textura School of Art. Gijón. Spain.

– Forma School of Art. Barcelona. Catalonia.

– International Art Centre. Imola. Italy.

– Ballardini Art Institute. Faenza. Italy.

– Lanz Faura Foundation. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Increased her knowledge on plaster and glaze in the Ceramics School of La Bisbal. Girona. Catalonia.

Specialized in potter’s wheel in the workshop of artisans Canyelles. Award and medal winners of the first prize of  Artisans of the Balearic Islands in 1971. Portol. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Primary Education teacher. B.A. in Therapeutic Pedagogy, Universitat de les Illes Balears U.I.B.

B.A. In English Philology. (Study of English language, culture, literature and history). Universitat de les Illes Balears U.I.B. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

B.A. in Applied Arts. Specialized in ceramics and sculpture. School of Arts. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Studied in La Massana Art School. Specialized in stamp engraving. Barcelona. Catalonia.

Lives in Palma and Pollença. Majorca. Balearic Islands.

Born in Menorca. Balearic Islands.