Pilar Cerdà: Finalist in the International Contest. Organized by the F.A.D. (Development of Arts and Design Barcelona) “Metamorfósis del libro 3.0” with a sculpture book-poem, made of steel, refractory, porcelain, coper, wood and mirror.


35cm. x 35cm. x 10cm.
Steel, clay, porcelain, coper, wood and mirror.

My intention was creating a book-poem with the capacity to act upon the system of thoughts, principles, sensations, feelings…

This book, metamorphosis, is a book of love. The objective of this book is to integrate all people, from all ages and all cultures. When we look at ourselves in it, we acquire the certainty that we are, we transform and are included in this piece.


It was inaugurated in the Covent dels Àngels,  headquarters of  F.A.D. Barcelona.
The title ‘Metamorphosis’ refers to the multiple transformations ‘a book’ can experiment. The objective was to homage the artist’s book and the book-object, baring in mind that the artist’s book uses de book as a  ‘format’ while the book-object uses as a ‘concept’. The contribution of the different  creators will respond to the  greatest freedom of the artist when facing the creative act (libro(book)-libre(free)-libertad(freedom))

Curator Magda Polo

Exhibition “Metamorfosis del libro 3.0”
F.A.D. Barcelona

Exhibition “Llibres d’Artista” “Artist Books”
Galería LLuc Fluxà, Palma de Mallorca.