Art and the Bicycle

‘La Música més íntima’

          Public sculpture of Pilar Cerdà placed in the Museum of Pollença in the  Joan March Gardens in Pollensa by the City Council of Pollença and the Museum of Pollença since april 24, 2019.

‘La música més íntima’

‘The most intimate music’
1.50m. x 0.87m. x 0.87m.
Iron, refractory paste, porcelain and steel.

Shan-hui disciple wrote: “I no longer have empty dreams”.“I abandon myself to the  plum tree blossom, be it big or small, it opens  as it is”.

When I ride a bicycle , I abandon myself to what the world has to offer. It makes me conscious of every step, and every instant.

What is essential in life is, above everything else, what nourishes us, without it we would die.
The essentials for me are communication, relation with the light, the water, the air, the water, the sun, the earth. ‘The most intimate music’ is what nourishes me. I look slowly for it, while I go across my onternal and external paths to be conscious of each and every moment I live.
The bicycle helps me take this journeys around the world.
This is the seed I carry inside.


Museo Dionís Bennàssar  

Carril bici: el arte y la bicicleta (collective exhibition)