Exposición Colectiva "UIB. 40 anys, 40 poetes, XL artistes"

Collective Exhibition ‘40 Años, 40 Poetas, XL Artistas. UIB’

Itinerancy of the collective exhibiton Itinerancia ‘40 Años, 40 Poetas, XL Artistas. UIB’ in the Centro Artesano Tradicionarius in Gracia, Barcelona. The exhibition celebrates 40 years of teaching and investigation in the UIB and enables visibility and exchange among artists who share the same language.

Opening January 23rd, 2020, 8pm
Centre Artesà Tradicionarius, Gràcia. Barcelona

Opening times:
Monday – Friday 5pm-9pm.

Until February 21st, 2020.

Plaça d’Anna Frank s/n. Barcelona.

Sponsored by:
Conselleria de Cultura de Mallorca, Institut d’Estudis Balearics, Culture, patrimony and sports Department, Catalan writers association & Fundación Balearia.