Collective exhibition «El nostre camp» – Casa de Cultura, Maria de la Salut.

Collective exhibition of Pilar Cerdà «El nostre camp» in Casa de Cultura, Maria de la Salut. Different Mediterranean artists display works “honouring peasants and field workers who make it possible for us to get fruits and vegetables in markets, shops and restaurants every day”.

They also remind us that 2021 is Fruit and Vegetable International Year according to the UN’s Department of Food and Agriculture (FAO).

These works also want to raise awareness about the benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to our daily diet in order to achieve healthier lifestyles.

Opening, Saturday December 18 2021, 7:30pm.
Casa de Cultura, Maria de la Salut.

Live music: “Versar la pell” by Glòria Julià & Victor Leiva (Vers Endins).

Curator: Antoni Torres Martorell.
Sponsored by Fundació Baleària, Art amb B, Maria de la Salut City Council and Mallorca’s Council